Drone Roof Inspections in London, South London and Surrey

We have invested in the latest technology to inspect hard to reach areas of your roof. Roofing health and safety measures prevent contractors from climbing around on roofs from a ladder. This presents a problem to the property owner, in that scaffolding would be required just for quote inspections.. we have solved this problem by being the first roofing contractor in London to offer drone roof surveys many many years ago. Fast forward to now, and we have huge experience in drone roof inspections, as well as drones under 250 grams that fit within the rules of flight. Our drone software provides a safety check before take off is permitted.. meaning we are well within the rules of flight. Some areas (near stadia and other landmarks) are forbidden for flight, but the majority of areas are fine.

Please note, we do not share the images taken with our clients. We have experienced some sinister misuse of our service (clients using our images to present to other companies for quotation). We have invested a lot of time, money and training into providing this service, and we cannot allow it to be abused.

Equipment used in our drone inspections:

  • High end drones
  • Professional high resolution cameras
  • Large monitor screens for analysing images
  • Professional software capable of large zoom ranges
  • Professional measurement from photograph software.
  • Online quote system with accept/decline button options built in.
  • Professional appointment booking system, available above by clicking Book Appointment

Our standard roof inspections (for no obligation quotation purposes) are FREE. *Note, we do not always need to use a drone if it isn’t required. We also offer roof surveys for homebuyers. Roof surveys are chargeable, and more information can be found by clicking the roof surveys tab above.

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