If you live in London, or specifically Streatham, Balham, Brixton, Kennington, Stockwell or Fulham, then you’ve probably seen us around. We have been operating in the London area since 1984, and we are NFRC accredited. The NFRC (or National Federation of Roofing Contractors) is a vetted standard, designed to protect the client against rogue roofers, by requiring its members to pass a number of tests on workmanship, company procedures, financial vetting & overall operational standards. Its not an easy accreditation to achieve (unlike some others out there).. So you’re in good hands with an NFRC accredited company.

We handle every type of commercial and domestic roofing project, with the exception of profiled metal. Our staff are trained in new techniques to progress with the changing face of modern roofing. One of the newest (proven) trends within flat roofing is GRP (or Fibreglass). Barris Roofing were one of the first London flat roofers to train with GRP, and subsequently start to offer our services. Since we started, we have completed flat roofing projects in London (of all sizes) to the amount of over 2000 roofs in GRP alone. It’s fair to say that we have experience in this area.

Rubber flat roofing was a trend a good few years back, but we aren’t convinced with this covering. We find it is easily penetrated in comparison to other coverings. There are some other concerns we have with EPDM flat roofs, but we aren’t here to talk-down techniques. We just don’t preference that covering.

So where do we work most often..? In approximate order, we will list the most common areas below, but we do cover all of London, South London & Surrey for our flat roofing services. At the time of writing this, we have 5 teams of trained roofers.. all uniformed and highly skilled. Anyway, so here’s that list.

Top 10 most common areas that we carry out flat roofing projects (as of June 2020)

  1. Brixton – London
  2. Fulham – London 
  3. Upper Norwood – London
  4. Croydon – Surrey
  5. Clapham – London
  6. Vauxhall & Pimlico are tied – London
  7. Kensington – London
  8. Oxted – Surrey
  9. Streatham – London
  10. Wandsworth – London

Quite heavily London dominated.. despite us living in Surrey!

So, we have four offices (well, strictly 5 if you count my home office). Three are un-manned, one is full time manned. Our offices are based in:

  1. Clapham – London
  2. Fulham – London
  3. Croydon – Surrey
  4. Oxted – Surrey

Our main telephone number to reach our office is 020 8654 9281. Give us a shout of you have a flat roofing project you need solved. Our quotes are free, so you’ve nothing to lose.

So your flat roof is leaking.. perhaps you had it renewed or repaired before by an aforementioned non-NFRC member. What should you do? Well the fact that you’re viewing this page, means that the perpetrator isn’t willing to return to sort out the failed work.. so you should call us in for a free quote. Now, we aren’t the cheapest you’ll find, but we’re experts in flat roofing.. and we’re usually booked up with 5 gangs for 3-4 weeks.. so that tells you a bit about the demand surrounding our services. If its urgent, we can stop your flat roof from leaking while you wait for our expert roofers to attend and carry out the main work. 

We guarantee our work, and we adhere to our guarantees. Since 1984, we have NEVER been dishonest regarding our guarantees. We don’t need to. we want the same thing as you.. a good solid project, that goes smoothly, stops your issue and makes us our profit. The NFRC accreditation is another mind-easer for you regarding the guarantees.. they’d help you out if now of their members was being dishonest. 

So which flat roof covering? The order of preference/demand is below:

  1. GRP flat roof – the most expensive, but the best.
  2. 3 layer felt flat roof – the classic, and a bit cheaper than GRP
  3. Evolution overlay felt – a really solid flat system designed specifically to go over old roofs.

Insulation.. yeah you should have that if you don’t already.. it can also be upgraded. We can advise on costs IF you need it to help you plan your budget. The best flat roof insulation is PIR board. You don’t need ten thousand vents in your flat roof with a warm deck flat roof (warm deck is achieved with PIR board insulation).

Get a price from us.. Get someone else to do it.. RISKY – but its your shout. Just to let you know, around 30-40% of our flat roof turnover last year, was correcting work after the above scenario.. So will it save you money, or cost you double?

Deck rot, sure we can just change a section, or re-deck the whole flat roof.. no big deal.

Materials.. only the best. We spend around 50k per month on ‘mats’ and have accounts with the biggest companies in England, so they don’t sell anything that’s rubbish.

Tell me more about GRP.. Well, I have it on my own roof, so that’s a decent measure. (you can grab more info on our website, or just give us a call).

Not convinced yet.. ok ok, name-drop time then. Previous companies we’ve completed flat roofing projects for, that you’ve probably heard of:

  1. Louis Vuitton – New Bond Street (no, we didn’t get discount)
  2. Millwall FC -London (we didn’t want discount)
  3. Natuzzi – Croydon (no sconto)

There have been a few others, but I can’t think off the top of my head.. oh, we did a few flat roofs for Carpetright.

So yes, in short we offer flat roofs, and we’re really good at them. We guarantee that they’ll be good, and we honour that guarantee. We’ve done thousands of them, so we know what we’re doing & flat roofs make up a good chunk of our annual turnover. We use all the best ‘mats’, don’t cut corners & we know pretty much everything there is to know about flat roofing from structure to finish. 

You should call us if you need a flat roof. Feel free to browse our more professionally worded web pages for more information.

Nick Morris

Managing Director.