Gutter Cleaning Services & Prices

For all of the gizmo’s and inventions that have been created to combat guttering blockages, there really is no substitute for periodic cleaning. leaf guards etc will just clog up themselves, presenting the same problem. 

Guttering issues due to overflowing can cause damp problems inside your property, from the water constantly running down the property walls and soaking through. Avoid this expensive consequence, by having your guttering regularly cleaned.

We offer guttering and box gutter periodic cleaning services in Surrey, Kent, London and South London. Our prices start from £150.00 plus VAT (subject to access). 

Depending on the location to your property in relation to surrounding forestry, we would recommend your gutters are cleaned between one and three times annually. 

Our prices start from £150.00 plus VAT for two runs of guttering to be cleared (ie. front and rear). Access limitations could increase the cost slightly. If you book three dates in a block for the year, we can offer a 15% discount.

Here is an example:

3 x gutter cleans scheduled for March 1st 2019, July 1st 2019 & November 1st 2019 @ £150+VAT each – £450 plus VAT

15% triple block booking discount (-£67.50) 

Total cost £382.50 plus VAT


The £382.50 is split pro rota between the three appointments and each appointment is invoiced upon completion.

*cancelled cleaning appointments are charged at 50% of fee pro rota to amount of appointments booked the block booking.


Price Examples

Prices are ‘from’ the below amounts

Property Height Access One-off Cost 3x Block Cost
Front & Rear Guttering Easy Access £150+vat £382.50+vat
Front & Rear Guttering Challenging Access £240+vat £612.00+vat
Semi Detached (3 sides guttering)   £320+vat £816.00+vat
Detached House (4 sides guttering)   £450+vat £1147.50+vat


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