Roof Survey Service in London & Surrey

We offer a variety of roof survey services in London and Surrey. You can find out more about our different roof survey offerings, and associated costs below.

Home Buyer Surveys – Protect Yourself Against Unforeseen repair bills BEFORE you complete!

Roof surveys are a very good idea if you are moving home. Our survey rates pale into insignificance, when compared to the costs of rectifying unforeseen pre existing defects. The idea is that you can negotiate on the selling price of the property, to cover the remedial repairs that may be apparent. Standard surveyors do not typically produce detailed roof surveys.

Roof Survey Process

The first step is to schedule a roof survey appointment at the property. Our experts will inspect the roof using either a drone, or telescopic pole cameras. The photographs are then taken away for analysis on a large screen, and the report is produced in PDF format. The roof survey report is typically ready to send within 3 days. We will invoice you when the report is ready to send, and the survey is then sent upon receipt of cleared funds. The report includes a PDF report, a digital image folder, and a cost estimate from us. If you decide to proceed with us to carry out the remedial repairs, the survey cost is deducted from your final repairs invoice.

Your main surveyor will typically investigate the loft space for structural defects. We will also make a visual inspection of the internal loft space (if required), but roofing is our expert field, so you would need a structural engineer to produce a formal report of this structural element of your new home.

If you would like the internal loft space inspected, you would arrange this (and the access) when booking your roof survey.

Flat Roof Insurance Surveys

With home insurance companies increasingly demanding regular inspections, we offer a range of flat roof inspections for the purposes of insurance policies. Our rates are based on the flat roof size, and these rates can be viewed below.

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Additional Info:

Home Buyer

£245plus vat
  • 2 Storey house or under

Home Buyer +

£34500plus vat
  • Over 2 Storeys

Insurance Report

£199plus VAT
  • Flat Roofs Up To 50m2

Insurance Report

£349plus vat
  • Flat Roofs over 51m2

Terms and Conditions

1. Barris Roofing Ltd accept no liability for issues/problems/defects of any type, or financial costs incurred as a result of issues not being detected during the formation of this report. This report is formed on opinion & visual inspection, and has no legal value or substantiality in any form. Issues undetected by this report that may arise are the responsibility of ‘the client’ and any financial liability associated shall lie with ‘the client’

2. The quotation provided by Barris Roofing Ltd that accompanies this report is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. 3. Cleared payment must be received before the report is issued.

4. Internal inspection of roof structures can only be carried out visually, and limitations in access may prevent some areas of the structure being inspected. Barris Roofing Ltd provide a visual assessment of the structure for obvious defects only, and official/detailed structural reports should be obtained by a qualified structural engineer.

5. Barris Roofing Ltd are not obliged to answer any third party queries that may arise as a result of ‘the clients’ usage of this report.

6. Payment is non-refundable.
7. Missed appointments by fault of ‘the client’ will incur a 50% charge of the agreed fee.

8. This report is formed from a single inspection appointment. If a second appointment is required by fault of the client, additional fees will apply at 75% of the total quoted price. If a second appointment is required by fault of Barris Roofing Ltd, no additional fees will apply.