1. Effectively No Cost To Property Owners- Offset The Costs

A new roof undoubtedly adds value to your overall property value. A brand-new, guaranteed roof eliminates any issues with the roof, but also improves the overall look of your property. With this in mind, you could look at a new roof purchase as an investment in your most valuable possession. If your new roof purchase set you back ten thousand pounds, but added twelve thousand to your property value, you are effectively gaining 2 thousand from the investment in the longer term. Choose a covering that preserves its look for longer such as natural slate or premium colour Redland 49s, and the investment is more valuable.


2. Revitalises Your Home – Looks Great!

A new roof, installed well, looks great and can really change the overall look of your property. Ask your contractor to provide covering samples, and seek their advice on matching in with neighbouring properties and area characteristics. A good contractor, with pride in their work, will want your project to look great. It serves as a fantastic portfolio addition for those with the skill. 

3. Stress Free – Guaranteed Work

On top of a great looking investment, a new roof carried out by a reputable company will also benefit from a guarantee. Guarantees can vary depending on covering type, but you shouldn’t be offered any less than 10 years on the workmanship. Some companies can also offer insurance backed guarantees & completion certificates (meaning no need to involve the local council building control). Ideally, you should use one of these companies, because the vetting processes involved in achieving the required accreditations is very thorough. It also tests the companies sustainability financially, meaning your contractor will not disappear if a problem arises. Check out the NFRC and Competent Roofer for more information on these accreditation.


 4. Great For Re-Sale – Attractive For Potential Buyers

So now you have a great looking, guaranteed, long term investment.. what’s not to like? Potential buyers will definitely be swayed in the right direction, and more inclined to offer asking prices. Stress and niggling hassle is something people strive to eliminate from their lives. Your new roof investment eliminates a lot of those issues in one swoop. On the flip-side, having a roof in poor condition can work the other way for you if you are thinking of selling. With roof surveys becoming more common in home purchases, buyers are warned before completion that major works will be required very soon after their new purchase. After this information has been passed to your buyer, it is very common for the buyer to then seek quotes (from the survey findings) for the roof replacement, and negotiate the purchase price with you, the vendor. This takes the ball out of your court, and when you consider that you could have had a new installation and added the cost to your asking price, it seems a backwards way of doing things in the long term.IMG_3645


5. Energy Efficient – Top Up Insulation & Spend Less On Energy

Once the existing (old) roof covering is stripped off, it is very easy for your contractor to install, or top up insulation in your roof space. This can have a drastic effect on your energy consumption and preservation of heat in your home. We all know that heat rises, and if your loft space is leaking heat, your heating system will have to work harder for longer. This would cost you more money than necessary in energy bills. Meeting insulation minimum requirements is a must for new roof projects in the UK. In order for the work to be signed off, you would have to install the maximum insulation possible, up to the current requirements set out. So in short, with every new roof replacement project, you will also be maximising your savings on energy costs, through the installation of loft insulation.


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Nick Morris