Flat Roof Options

We offer a range of options when it comes to flat roofing. Check out more info below:

Repairs and 1 Layer (overlay) Coverings

An excellent option to keep the costs down and repair troublesome flat roofs, is to consider the Euro Polymers Evolution 1 layer cover over. This felt has been specifically designed to be applied over existing surfaces such as asphalt and mineral felt. As a premium customer of “Evolution”, Barris Roofing Ltd have visited the production factory in Italy. We have seen for ourselves the technology involved in making this felt the only kind on the market. There are 3 grades & the felt comes with a 15 year manufacturer guarantee and a 10, 15 or 20 year workmanship guarantee depending on the grade selected by you.

Evolution felt is heat applied to the existing surface of your flat surfaced roof. Evolution felt is available in Grey. More information on Evolution felt can be viewed here.

Lead Flat Roofs

Lead flat roofs can be aesthetically pleasing, and durable if installed correctly. If choosing lead as your covering, first be sure that it isn’t easily accessed by thieves.


We are GRP experts. This is our most common type of flat roof replacement & ideal for areas that need to withstand foot traffic. Navigate to our dedicated page (in the menu above, for more info)

Liquid Rubber

We have completed some very large projects using liquid rubber solutions. This is an excellent option for large flat roofs, as an alternative to full replacement.

High Performance Felt

Torch-on membranes have an underside which has been pre-treated with a covering of thermofusible bitumen. This covering is then heated with a propance gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while the bitumen is still hot.

The modern, Torch-on, High Performance Felt roof systems consist of three layers of felt, a venting layer, a torch applied underlay and a torch-on capping sheet with mineral finish. The capping sheet comes in Green, Russet or Blue/grey finish giving good looking finish to your flat roof.

Barris Roofing Ltd are fully insured for heat work.

Mastic Asphalt

We also offer as an alternative to three layer systems Mastic Asphalt roofing.

Mastic asphalt is the ultimate in protection for a wide range of construction applications. It offers total water proofing integrity for roofing and tanking, acts as a tough working surface and damp-proof membrane in flooring and is ideal for paving, offering a durable wearing surface and is the best choice for roof terrace applications when used with promenade tiles.

An Asphalt flat roof will last many, many years with minimum maintenance.

Other Considerations – Insulation

Insulating your flat roof will save on energy use and subsequently save you money. An energy efficient home is also becoming a major consideration in the housing market for when it comes to sell your home. Our Flat roof installers are experienced in many types of insulation for flat surfaces.