27th March 2020:

In order to aid the efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus, our appointments for new work are currently suspended.

Office & Admin
Our office is being manned remotely from our home locations.

Ongoing Works
Works already instructed: Following the guidelines set out by Public Health England, our workforce has been temporarily reduced to 1 team of 2 operatives. The 2 operatives are father and son, living in the same property, meaning they are allowed within 2m of each other. This situation is being monitored closely, and may change as we receive more information by the day from both the government & the employees themselves.

More Info
Our staff members will not be asked/nor expected to attend work if they are showing symptoms. We have a plan in place for our employees should they show symptoms. This is in place to ensure staff members do not consider attending work if they are showing any symptoms.

We have taken these measures to protect our staff, and our customers from the spread of Covid-19.

We are monitoring the situation hourly, and will update the above policy accordingly should any circumstances change.